Body assembly tooling

In Tooling and Body Assembly, we process large and small projects, with the idea that all projects get the same delicate care in planning and processing.

Our staff works the process, not the part, to ensure that the part will come out correct. Our assembly solution is specifically designed for body-in-white closures. It delivers valuable benefits which can easily adapt to your product design, budget, and your production flexibility requirements.

As parts are assembled, consideration is taken as to how well things are going together and what changes can be made to improve the fits. If any changes are required, each one is clearly documented on the original drawing and the process for that piece begins again.

Each part is analyzed as to the most effective tool path and cutting tools to do the job in a cost effective, yet precision manner.


2D & 3D CAD design

We pride ourselves with putting the client first at all times offering honest, trustworthy 2D & 3D CAD services which are communicated well to our clients throughout the design process. This is why our clients come back to us time and time again.

Our staff has extensive experience in providing quality designs. By choosing Gmab Consulting, we will provide low cost solutions to meet each one of your design needs.

3D & 2D tool design capability is supporting multiple software platforms and customer deliverables that allow visualization prior to actual tool construction.


Computer simulation

Our simulation team utilizes a 3D environment to simulate robot capabilities and interraction with related equipment.


Complete system design

We support our Customers with a complete set of services ranging from concepts development, advanced engineering, simultaneous engineering, process development & validation, simulations, to the supply of complete production systems, production launch and maintenance.